Sunday, 27 October 2013

Numeracy Experience Session 4: Read Numeracy off your Mind! (26/09/13)

Hi all,

So how have all of you been? I've shared my three-days of Numeracy experiences with you here on my blog. Anyone has actually attempted the problems that I have laid out to you?

Yes? How was it? Easy? Difficult?
No?!  Well, you should. Get a feel of how your children (and me!) encountered them in their Numeracy class in school. Hehe...

Ok, on a serious note, I am here yet again to share with you of another night of my mind boggling module. Tonight's module was indeed heavy. Seriously, super heavy. Why? It's because Dr Yeap covered topics on 'Fractions Subtraction', 'Multiplication' and 'Polygon Measurement'. I've always had this 'thing' and negative impression towards fractions since primary school. Now that I have to go through it, the feeling is just 'blearrgh'!

My most favourite activity for the night was actually the Mind Reading game. The instruction was: Think of 2 digits (0 to 9; it can be the same digit or two different digits). Put the two digits together. Then, add the two digits together. Finally subtract the smaller digit from the bigger digit. Discover.
Look at the three images below. What do think is the similarity between the three?


Do you notice that when you subtract the smaller digit from the bigger digit, the answer is actually a multiple of 9? Yes! I didn't notice it until I kept on doing for 3-4 rounds. Wow...Mathematics is magic! Hahaha...

Last but not least, come and join me explore polygon via Tangram. Interesting activity for the whole family to challenge one another. No rubber bands at home? No Geoboards? Who cares? I'm sure most of you out there have a smart phone. Download the Apps from the AppStore and you're good to go!

What I discovered from Dr Yeap in today’s session:
You can teach a child anything but it needs to be enactive. Not all children can accomplish a task, as it will require metacognition.

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